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    Kimler Open Homes'da rezervasyon yapabilir?

    Open Homes provides free places to stay for people in times of need. The program supports evacuees, relief workers, medical patients and their caregivers, refugees, and asylum seekers.

    If you’re a guest in need of emergency housing, learn more about how to book an Open Homes stay. Check this article and the Open Homes page regularly to find the most current programs and eligibility requirements, which are subject to change.

    Disaster relief

    In the aftermath of a disaster, there is a critical need for emergency housing. In this instance, people impacted by the disaster, including relief workers, have the ability to submit their request for housing to Airbnb. After verification, they may book an Open Homes listing directly for themselves.

    To be eligible for emergency housing, guests must reside in the impacted area or be a relief worker responding in an official capacity. Both permanent residents and travelers with a confirmed hotel or rental reservation are eligible. Guests are required to provide proof of address or confirmation of employment during the application process. Once they submit their application, their information will be reviewed by Airbnb or its vendors before they can book.

    Learn more about Disaster relief stays.

    Medical stays

    Every day, people travel far from home for medical treatment. They may be receiving care, supporting a patient, or healing with family during a difficult time. In this instance, guests can book an Open Homes reservation directly for themselves, or a staff member from a nonprofit organization may book the reservation on their behalf.

    In order to book, guests must be referred by a nonprofit partner. Each nonprofit has their own set of eligibility criteria for guests.

    Learn more about Medical stays.

    Refugee housing

    There are many barriers for people who are trying to rebuild their lives in a new place. Before settling into permanent housing, refugees and asylum-seekers need to finalize paperwork, search for jobs, and find a temporary place to stay. In this instance, a staff member from a nonprofit will book an Open Homes reservation on behalf of the guest. All guests have the legal status of a recognized refugee entitled to international protection as determined by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and/or have begun the process of seeking asylum in the country where they currently reside.

    Learn more about Refugee housing.

    Note: All guests and hosts who are a part of Open Homes agree to our Community Standards and the Airbnb Terms of Service. Learn more about Airbnb’s trust and safety standards and policies.

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