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Escape to your own private island just 45 minutes outside of Sweden's capital of Stockholm in our world-renowned archipelago.

Enjoy the privacy and serenity of only five secluded cabins just moments by boat to civilization.

Just three minutes from public transportation that will take you into Stockholm and ferries that will take you to the outer archipelago including Sandhamn.

Escape to your own private island just 45 minutes outside of Sweden's capital of Stockholm in our world-renowned archipelago.

Enjoy the privacy and serenity of only five secluded cabins just moments by boat to civilization. Rest your toes in the sand and immerse yourself in the natural beauty, crystal clear air and sparkling water of the Baltic Sea.

Our private island is uniquely positioned to provide an amazing vacation experience. Troubles slip away and flayed wits begin to mend. On your beach towel or in a hammock, memories grow and imaginations ignite. Conquer waves and devour books. Relax and explore: wild blueberries, raspberries, and if you're lucky, chantarelles, are waiting for you to find. Viking ruins await discovery on nearby islands, and local pike perch swim amply for your fishing trip.

While it feels remote, our close proximity to Stockholm, and the other key tourist areas of the archipelago such as Sandhamn and Vaxholm, is our advantage. You're only limited by your imagination and energy.

We're a haven waiting for you to arrive. When your breath has slowed to match the tide, you’ll smile, knowing that the memories made here will stay with you, your friends and your family forever.

45 minutes east of Stockholm by car or 1 hour by public transportation


Swimming and beaches

The island has two beaches with very different personalities.


Dock Beach, located near the docks, is a shallow sand beach located in a wind protected cove.

 It is perfect for sand castle building and sun-bathing.  A picnic table as well as several chaise

lounges make it the perfect relax and unwind area.


Glass Beach, located on the north-eastern side is a pebble beach with cliffs for sunning and

diving and ample waves from the ocean and passersby.  The fresh ocean breeze makes it the

perfect spot for adventurous swimmers or unadventurous hammock loungers.  Bring a picnic

basket and enjoy the day!  

Enjoy the comfort and health benefits of our traditional wood-burning Swedish sauna,

complete with birch leaves and salt-water steam. 


Situated just steps away from the beach, it is the perfect location from which to make a bee-

line and dive straight into the refreshing water as natives do.  

All over the island you will find in the summer months of June through September thousands

of blueberries and hundreds of raspberries. 


Lingon berries (similar to cranberry) will also be spotted yet until they are a true deep red at

the end of August or September you're betting off leaving them as they will be too tart for

most palates.  


If you are very lucky you will find yellow chantarelles, a most prized mushroom.  More

common in September are forest chantarelles which make lovely soups and sauces as well.   


We're willing to share our most prized recipes should you choose to can jams to bring home!


Nature Trail: We've carved out a nature trail that circles around the island making it easier to

explore.   Along your journey you'll be able to spot millions of berries and other forest fruits.

 Take along a picnic or a thermos of coffee or a bottle of wine to relax along the way.  


Sports & Games: Water sports available are sailing, water-skiing, fishing, and surfboard

paddle surfing.  Land sports available are badminton and croquet.  There is a small swingset

on the main lawn for younger children as well as a rope swing located behind the glass

pavillion in the forest.


Bird watching: Bird watching is a lot of fun and some of the birds we've seen on the island are

white-tailed eagles and woodpeckers.  Every year a swan family comes to visit, usually

starting in May with their goslings.  


Glass Pavillion: Along the nature trail stop at our six-sided glass pavillion and enjoy the view.

 Or why not have lunch or an afternoon cocktail?

Please note that the maximum capacity allowed at one time on the island is 15 people. Thank you!

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Alfiskarholmen, İsveç

Within 30 kilometers of the island there is a variety of interesting to see and do.  

To eat:

Stavsnäsbageri (restaurant, bakery)

Motorverkstaden (restaurant)

Bullandö (restaurant)

Systrarna Delselius (bakery)

Home made gourmet ice cream

Stromma Restaurant and Canal Bar 

To do:

Museum of the Archipelago

Explore the "hidden" Viking ruins on a neighboring island - we'll share our secret!

Crystal Outlets (Kosta Boda, Iitalia, Orrefors, Villeroy & Boch) in Gustavsberg

Gustavsberg Porcelain Museum and Factory Outlet



ICA Nara (grocery store)

Djuro (a little bigger grocery store)

Preem gas station 

 And a little bit further away.....if you must leave, go here!

Wasa Museum - Scandinavia's most-visited museum featuring the only almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged, the 64-gun warship Vasa that sank on her maiden voyage in 1628.  

Skansen - The first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden located in Stockholm. It was founded in 1891 to show the way of life in the different parts of Sweden before the industrial era.

Drottningholm - The residence of the Swedish Royal Family since 1981 is open to the public. The village was planned and built in the mid 18th century for the people working at the palace and contains many picturesque houses and villas.

Junibacken - A children's interactive play museum devoted to Swedish children’s literature, especially Astrid Lindgren.

Ev sahibi: Jennifer

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