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Warmth & charm of the Mediterranean, best beaches in my opinion, golf, restaurants, sailing, approx five frosts a year! Available with Commercial Hotel Quality Beds.

Self contained entire house is available, house is three bedrooms, full kitchen with various cooking appliances available to you, just ask.

Please pick my home. I had a stroke & it supplements my income. I'm fine now but crikey that was close! My studio apartment and sheds are out of bounds.

Welcome to my home.

Long term stays please note laundry is expected to be done weekly and vacuumed weekly. You are welcome to bring your own linen, I discount for this $80 per stay. Just ask. I also charge $80 per clean to the new Covid standards.

Work boots must be off at the door. Firewood can be arranged for long term guests, it is additional. Unlimited Broadband is included.

I am available to service the house if required. I am also available for babysitting or shuttling you from the airport or a winery, $25ph)

Tuesday before Christmas I had two commercial beds arrive, to compliment the Plush King size bed in the master bedroom, they are antibacterial, anti-fungal, flame retardant, bug repellent but not waterproof. The king-size bed was purchased new also and is divine.

PLUSH FIRM Memory Gel is used to get the extra heat out of the bed which results in better sleep. It takes the pressure off the joint when you lay on the bed and it makes the bed a little softer. It is cooler in summer and best for people who heats up a lot during sleep. Aircool is different technology in which beds have mesh fabric all around the plush part of the bed. Every time you move on the bed. The hot air from under the body exit through the mesh fabric making the bed cooler. This is on the deck side of the house.

Latex does not have cooling properties. it is an all-natural and anti-bacterial layer that makes the bed a little firmer. On the gel, you sink into bed while on Latex you stay on the top. This is on the driveway side of the house.

Kitchen appliances are available, such as a bread maker, pancake round thing, cake mixer, sandwich press, Fizzy drink maker etc. Just ask.

Gas BBQ is clean, please mind you don't turn on the side burner whilst the lid is down, this happens a lot. It is now very evident the last people didn't' realize for quite some time.

I reopened it 27th Dec 2020, and will consider social dogs or children. Not fully fenced nor childproof. On the supposition that any damage created will be repaired or replaced within 3 working days. Dogs must have a flea and tick and kennel cough checked off within reason, I have a Blue Heeler onsite.

Our supermarkets allow pre-payment click and collect. (New World and Countdown).

It is partially fenced 300 metres off the main road, and has an open stream. It's private, and if you have small children I recommend watching them supervised whilst outside, as escape is easy. For that reason, and the fact I have no highchairs or cots, I list it as not suitable for small children. Your call, very flexible to your needs. Local international college is popular and just down the road, will consider boarders March-October for schooling, also nearby Chefs School.

Whangaroa Wharf is the Marlin capital of New Zealand every Feb. Our Rain season is any time, from ten minutes to weeks off and on, but the fish don't care, and it's still warmer than the rest of the country).

Semi tropical status. There are an approx 5 frosts a year, but you must be up early to see it to believe it.

Easy Bi-fold doors open out onto a deck with a rolling lawn, landscaping to grant you privacy from the neighbours.

Peace and charm, I often sit on the deck in the pouring rain and write or read. What will you do?

I have a 6 chair dinning table indoors and another table on the deck - you can suit yourself where you sit, just take care its under shelter and won't get wet, things leak when we have downpours (Monsoon size rains), so please be careful with the upholstered furniture outside and don't get it wet. We are subtropical.

Meander just under 5000m2 of grounds, I continuously plant out trees both natives and fruit trees: Kauri, Totara, Pohutakawa, and Tariere, as well as white, red and yellow Kowai. Trying to zero out our carbon footprint, 2019 I planted out Frangipani, hibiscus, and nine small queen palms. All plants for the future, all for the wood pigeons and Tuis and us. I'll keep planting, if you keep showing up.

I do the lawns fortnightly, late afternoons either Friday or on the weekend depending on my part time jobs, and the weather. For short stay guests, I tend to them before hand so other than meeting you if you choose, your pretty much on your own.

I thank you for choosing my home. The house is quiet, well insulated, and the grounds are wonderful, I'm in an self contained apartment adjoining the house, no internal access, your space is your space. I am currently on a crutches, having had two tendons reattached in September, I'll be walking again February. I fell after my stroke, and am just now having myself repaired to good as new condition! So I have cancelled all listings until the new year, and have put on layaway new beds, mattresses etc. New photos once I am mobile again and can make the beds once they are delivered. There have been no guests since before Covid, and I have agreed to the Covid AirBnB cleaning policy.

Recommendations for DINING:
Waipapa: Tea Tree Cafe Golf and Archery range is within walking distance and has a daytime restaurant and bar 500metres give or take south and up a long shared driveway. 2 minutes by car, and that's mostly getting in and out of the car!

Chang Siam Thai Restaurant is on Waipapa Road, the Salmon is divine. The Pioneer is the local pub. Five minutes by car. Our drinking and driving rule is less than two drinks for the driver, if you need a sober driver and I'm about just ring me and I can drop and collect.

Off to the other direction - north, twenty minutes by car is the Whangaroa Wharf, for the New Zealand Marlin Capital every Feb, with the Marlin Hotel - and a cafe on the wharf. That's 35 minutes by car approx.

Kerikeri: The Plough and Feather has my vote for best food in town, seconded by the Black Olive do a wonderful Asian beef salad, they also do pizzas, and fantastic ribs, pasta etc. There are many Indian and Thai restaurants in Kerikeri, as well as a Roast Shop, and bakeries galore. A Japanese restaurant, even our movie theater allows fine dining in the downstairs restaurant and bar. 12 minutes by car approximately.

Jimmy Jack Ribs is a Rib Shack over in Paihia, no reservation required. Approx 20 minutes drive away. Sticky Ribs are finger foods, have at it with your fingers, wear white - challenge accepted? I can do it and still look clean. Go on. Thai restaurants, the upstairs Sword Fish Club restaurant has an excellent view over the water, there are also restaurants on the wharf and Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the mall.

Darryl's Dinner cruise also does lunches in the height of summer, one word: Fantastic. Grab that from the launch wharf in Paihia. Bookings essential.

Over in Russell we have the Duke of Marlborough two venues, same name, one is Fine Dining and the other is across the road for the public bar, both have restaurant service. The Fine Dining is just that, so fine, and the pub grub also has Ribs. You can tell my preferences are meat, and Raw Fish in a coconut salad, or salmon... I like going with a group so we can order lots and share. I take guests to Pete's (at the Paihia Wharf on the right near another cafe and Helicopter pad) to book my fishing trips and my dolphin tours, the dolphin tours visit Russell on the way back so you can get off there and then meander with a free ferry ticket to cross back at your leisure.

Summary: It has steps, is partially fenced, has an open stream - not suitable for unattended small delights. I do the maintenance, cleaning and lawns. I have a Blue Heeler Dog.

You can bring your own linen and towels, if not it's a $80 Linen charge - on top of the cleaning fee; so please clean up, and leave it as you found it.

White 500 thread count pure cotton, or on rotation 1000 thread count pure cotton gold coloured sheets. 7 White Spa Bath sheets Egyptian Cotton, plenty of other colours and types - all Spa sheets - for you to take to the beach (proper towels not beach towels). Please don't lose them. Washing machine is a beast but cant handle sand, so please shake out any washing that may have sand or similar outside first.

Please tidy as you found it, vacuum cleaner in bedroom cupboard. If not an additional cleaning fee will be charged. Mop and broom in the hot water cupboard.

When you leave, if you wish, you can please place your dirty linen washing on the kitchen floor or bathroom floor. No linen used, and the home is as clean as you found it in, no cleaning fee (will be refunded if already paid). (No fingerprints on any glass and dishes done, vacuumed, no stains). Ants love it when visitors spill, don't spill stuff and walk away. Please treat my new carpet with respect, shoes off at the door and spills cleaned up as if you own it.

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Northland, Yeni Zelanda

Wiapapa is 3.5 hours north of Auckland if traffic is easy, but there is a lot to see and do on the way so I am happy to leave a key and can meet you on check out if you would like. Some people check in early others late. Traffic leaving Auckland is best before 7am, even better before 6am, which would give you a clear run all the way up. All depends on what you need, and if your a morning person. Your call. I have changed the bookings to leave me a day between guests, so it's no trouble if you want to come at lunch time, but you must let me know in advance. I live here, and will need to be thorough in making the place ready for you, and it's important to us both that your happy. Again Internet is available at $120 per month, it's ready to go, but I can't afford it so have it switched off inbetween guests.

No fences, stream boundary children must be watched.

This is a new listing with the first people stayed only on 27th December 2016.

If you wish to strip the beds, and vacuum clean, I will be there at 10am to get the home ready for the next visitors. It takes me 2 hours to make the beds up, and another few hours to wash the sheets and towels, and another 2 hours to do the lawns. (then another 3 hours to wash the sheets and towels). I would love to be quicker but those days are gone.

400 mtrs is walking distance from a local archery golf range, licenced for the thirsty work that socialising can be. Light no fires in summer as there is a fire ban, we normally have drought conditions. Great if your working on your tan.

If you fitter than me, there is a lake at the end of Sandy's road. My kids would walk it in 30 minutes, plus return.

There is a Forest walk to Puketi Kauri Trees, off State Highway 10 back towards Waipapa. This a a lovely amble from the carpark of maybe ten minutes. So yes, you drive and park there.

There is a WaterFall track to Rainbow Falls off Waipapa Road, another ten minute walk from the car park. Remember to always wind your windows up and lock your car.

If you need emergency health support, organise this before you leave, and the phone number for an ambulance in New Zealand is 111. The fastest response time will be for a Heart Attack, and if your wrong you will live to tell the tale.

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Stroke survivor. Always remember to pay your medical and income protection insurance. Wrote a book, whilst I figure it out. (First I gave everything away, then I rented my home to awful people who wrecked it, then I took it back and fixed it).
Stroke survivor. Always remember to pay your medical and income protection insurance. Wrote a book, whilst I figure it out. (First I gave everything away, then I rented my home to…

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All guests will have my contact details, any issues and I can have them dealt with as required, burst or broken what nots I can have someone onsite within a few hours.

If you want to know more about a midline stroke, my speech is back to 95% and I am happy to discuss it.

My advise: Never leave anything unlocked, not the house, nor leave valuables in the car when sightseeing. Globally there are degenerate opportunists.

Paihia Wharf (22 minutes plus parking drive time)
Fullers Dolphin cruise to start costs around $110 per adult, guaranteed to see marine mammals or your next trip FREE, so do this first thing in the morning. Then get off at Russell on the way back from the Hole in the Rock, have lunch at the Duke, then saunter back with the free ferry ticket Fullers will give you if you ask them to provide before you get off at Russell. This will take the better part of the day to explore Paihia on the way home, and visit the Waitangi Museum costs: $35 adult approx? Waitangi holds the inaugural documentation on New Zealand's crown management, with historic buildings and treaty grounds.

Wineries, we have plenty of them and will take as long as they take, sober driver is a good idea and I can assist ($25ph) after Jan 2021.

Kauri Trees are close by in Waipapa, as are Waterfalls in Rainbow Falls Road, Waipapa and over in Haruru on the way to Paihia.

Cape Reinga is 2.75 hours drive north with a short walk down hill to the light house. Bring chilled iced water and picnic food, on the way back on amazing beaches, make it a sunrise or sunset trip? Doing the beaches after sunrise on the return or before sunset keeping an eye on the time.
All guests will have my contact details, any issues and I can have them dealt with as required, burst or broken what nots I can have someone onsite within a few hours.

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