Gruiul Colunului Tiny House

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An traditional 70 years old one family house, located at the foot of Fagaras mountains, on a secondary course of Olt river near Colun lake perfect for 2 families with children or a some couples of friends with a max. capacity of 8 people. The location is situated 45 km from Sibiu International Airport and it is a place where nature meets tradition: you’ll find a quite and peaceful place to escape from your daily stress and technology, going back to simple life,

The house became a guest’s house by decision of its owners, it is not a house planned for turism, but conceived and used more than 70 years as home for 3 generations of a family.
There for, actual owners decided to modernize the old house by building full equipped individual water rooms and a modern kitchen, being able to use a small apartment of 1 bedroom and a second room for max. 4 persons served by one bathroom, another bedroom with separate bathroom and a forth little old fashion bedroom with water room which can be both used as library, office or bedroom on an extendable couch.

The house has a traditional old cave where you can taste all natural products prepared by the owners and local people in all very peasant / old fashion ways. Taste and perfume will seduce you and transfer you in the past.
Intellectual oriented, well informed and good communicators, your owners are pleased to share with you nice stories presenting Romania, offering good Romanian literature, in classical book reading near fire or laying in the sun, hearing good music and playing nice educative games.

At the end of your holliday, you will may leave Gruiul Colunului, with full battery of your own, with suitecase full of tasty traditional gastronomic products, with photo camera full of splendid images and memories and most important, your heart and soul full of new reasons to enjoy life, to love people and to share simple things with those who matter.

Friendly yours,
Nora & Alex

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Colun, Sibiu, Romanya

In the South side there are the Carpathian Mountains (Southern Carpathians) - Făgăraș Mountains with heights over 2500 m, Lotru and Cindrel which make up to 30% of the county's surface. The Olt River crosses the mountains over to the South of Romania in Sibiu County forming one of the most accessible link between Transylvania and Wallachia. In the North side there is the Transylvanian Plateau.

The most important rivers crossing the county are the Olt in the South with Cibin its main effluent, and the Târnava in the North.
Romanian Counties

Brașov County in the East.
Alba County in the West.
Mureș County in the North.
Vâlcea County in the South.
Argeş County in the South-East.


Sibiu County has one of the most dynamic economies in Romania, and is one of the regions with the highest level of foreign investment.

The predominant industries in the county are:

Machine and automotive components.
Food industry.
Textile industry.
Wood industry.

The biggest natural resource in the county is natural gas, especially in the north side, having one of the largest sources in the country.

In Copșa Mică during the communist period there were two chemical industrial complexes which polluted the environment heavily with carbon black, heavy metals, and other chemical substances. The area is still considered one of the most polluted communities in Europe. After 1989 many of the industrial complexes were shut down and the area is slowly recovering.

Ev sahibi: Alexandru

  1. Ağustos 2018 tarihinde katıldı.
    My story begins with the words of Ion Creanga "I know I'm not smart, but when I look around, I get courage." Hard to talk when it comes to me ... If I were going to start with something I would start with the fact that I like to call myself a name, Alex. I love the summer and Brasov, and that's what I will say in all my personal descriptions. I love the warmth, the long days, I'm optimistic until last, socially all the time and many of my age dependent on the IT phenomenon. It would be so much said ... Being the zodiac of the Virgin, I am an analyst and I am often misunderstood. I never like the middle solution, I always tend to one extreme or another, due to the perfectionism of my personality. There are few who come to know me altogether. Maybe and because many keep them only by my way of being. I guess after the motto "all or nothing", although I know that "the truth is always somewhere in the middle" ... I like to have many people around me because I feel good when I socialize, but true friends can count on fingers ...
    My story begins with the words of Ion Creanga "I know I'm not smart, but when I look around, I get courage." Hard to talk when it comes to me ... If I were going to start with some…
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