Bluff Hill Point

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Huddled together in the midst of incredible wilderness, 12 shacks look out over the Indian Ocean.

The weather dictates life here, and every day is a good day. Fine days for adventuring. Wild days for sitting around the fire, gazing out at the ocean as it breaks with ferocity against the jagged rocks which surround Tasmania’s unsung Westernmost point.

We feel so fortunate to cherish, share and gradually improve this simple shelter on the Tarkine Coast.

More photos @Bluffhillpoint

It's debatable.

She could be a shack or a house. Owner-built, with walls and floors added bit by bit. Yet solid - West Coast wild solid. Solid and stalwart during howling gales, and luminous in the sun as she gazes north over the ocean to West Point and Argentina.

We like to be properly warm, so we chose a fireplace that was intended for a much larger space. Even on those stormy winter nights, you can feel like you're in the Bahamas as you cruise around in the well equipped kitchen. And yes, there is enough glassware to start a very small bar. We do love our glassware collection and we especially love that others can enjoy a bit of it, too!

The house has two bedrooms: a queen which adjoins the main living space, and a king which adjoins the second living space. A pull-out sofa in the second living space is good for a spare child or a cruisy spare adult.

While we have been gradually improving the space, the bathroom is a final frontier, so expect a clean, simple and largely original bathroom. We're talking: landscaped underfloors and a fiberglass shower stall. It isn't glamorous, but it does the trick!

There is a washing machine, and currently there is no barbecue - the last one was destroyed by the wild weather, and it seems like a fool's errand to put another one outside before we have time to create a protected space for it. We will update accordingly once this is rectified - almost certainly before the summer.

Some things to note about this unique stay:

Beyond the shack there is a wilderness, yes, and there is also community. Thank goodness - because it isn't always easy to host in a spot so far off of the beaten path, and the community has done so much to help us and our guests over the years!

At the other end of the Bluff, Max and Christel, the nan and pop that you didn't know you had, have created a marvellous playground at the edge of the Indian Ocean - a paradise for young children. There are some mind-bending puzzles for adults, too, not to mention a friendly and inclusive environment and good company. You may very well receive an invitation to join them for happy hour and we recommend that you take them up on it if you would like to have a chat, meet some friendly folks and thoroughly distract the kids for a while.

Our nearest neighbour is also a friendly permanent resident, but typically prefers to keep to himself, thus ensuring your privacy of space. That said, this is a shack community, so there may be no one around, or there may be several people. The Tarkine kelp harvester (who only collects kelp which has washed up on the shore - there is plenty) passes by to harvest kelp along the southern coastline, and the local cray fishermen keep their big boat in the safe bay in front of the house. On a fine day, a few boats may arrive early to launch from the little bay, and on wild days, you'll have the place to yourself.

During school holidays, the shackies do their best to get to their shacks, and the kids and grandkids do their best to visit, so if you want to meet friendly folks who have deep connections with the Bluff, that is the best time. And if you are looking for a time when there are the least souls around, we suggest booking during the school terms - or even better, on school nights.

A tiny bit about recent history, and the future:

When we chatted with our neighbours about whether to share the space, we all decided to give it a go, but none of us thought that it particularly would. Two years later, we still chuckle together about how wrong we were, and chat about all of the wonderful and interesting people that we have hosted - an elopement, engagements, families, couples, friends, individuals.

Now, one year after the last community transmission of Covid in Tasmania, we are finally beginning to reclaim our most valuable resource: time. We look forward to pouring a lot of love into this space over the coming months and years. If you prefer a touch of luxury (and maybe a bath with a view), please check back in a year or two. While we can see lots of things that we could improve with a relatively quick and simple renovation, we are here for the long haul and it is such a special spot that we want to make really meaningful decisions that will be timeless, sustainable, and which will outlast us... so we are giving the process time, in order to let ideas present themselves bit by bit :)

And hey, if you are like us and you love a comfy home with an effective kitchen, a cozy fire and an outstanding view, well, this old girl has it all, and although she may be a work-in-progress, aren't we all?

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Marrawah, Tazmanya, Avustralya

Bluff Hill Point is Tasmania's unsung Westernmost Point. Frequently pounded by the intense weather of the Roaring 40s, the coastal flora is dense and unique. You may find cowrie shells on the beach, see wombats, echidnas and devils in the yard and the occasional human surfing the Bluff Break.

This little shack (okay, maybe a bit more of a house!) is one in a community of 12 shacks and houses at the Edge of the World. There is a feeling of community here, and although our nearest neighbour prefers to keep to himself, our neighbours at the other end of the Bluff may invite you to a barbecue or happy hour. If you have children, they will almost certainly be thrilled with Max and Christel's carefully engineered waterfront playground - with confounding puzzles for kids and adults alike.

If you want to keep to yourselves, your wish will be respected, but if you want to experience the fullness of Tasmanian shack life, you can find it here. Nature, comfort, community.

Ev sahibi: David

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We operate a dynamic family business 365 days/year, and we love hospitality! We are pleased to manage a number of vacation homes and shacks for Tasmanian families, and take great pride in connecting individuals and families with amazing places to explore. We love our beautiful island state, and we love helping others to share in enjoying it! When we aren't being AirBnB hosts, we're running meals and pouring drinks at Hotel Bruny, pruning the orchard for Bruny Island Cider, having fun with photography, paddle-boarding in the d'Entrecasteaux channel, skiing, kayaking, washing dishes, flying planes, composting a few tonnes of scraps/year, chopping wood, painting pictures, learning languages, designing stuff, raising chickens, and most importantly - raising a family. We like craft beer, sparkling water, slow food and a vibrant life. We love being here. Ask us anything - we would love to help.
We operate a dynamic family business 365 days/year, and we love hospitality! We are pleased to manage a number of vacation homes and shacks for Tasmanian families, and take great p…

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This is our family's beloved holiday shack. We always endeavour to be available to answer questions or give tips via phone, text, or AirBnB message. We are sure that you will love this place as much as we do, and we want to be a resource for you as you explore this amazing stretch of the west coast (admittedly, we might be living vicariously through our guests as they enjoy Bluff Hill Point & we are busy at work on Bruny Island!)
This is our family's beloved holiday shack. We always endeavour to be available to answer questions or give tips via phone, text, or AirBnB message. We are sure that you will love…
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