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Bali bölgesinde yapılacak şeyler

Şehri, yerel halkın gözünden keşfedin. Yapılacak en iyi şeyleri, yemek yenecek en iyi yerleri bulun ve burada yaşayan insanlardan paha biçilmez tavsiyeler alın.

Kokteyl Barı
“With a large infinity pool on the edge of a beach surrounded by lounge chairs. Serving Asian inspired tapas, bistro style dishes and gourmet dining.”
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“One of the iconic temples of Bali, located on the Uluwatu Cliff, offering amazing views at sunset. Don't hesitate to take a ticket and watch the traditional kecak fire dance at sunset if you happen to be there on time!”
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“The closest to the villa MasBro and the best beach club :) The most famous beach bar-restaurant on the island! Famous DJs, great sun beds for the whole company and an excellent bar!”
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“La Favela Bar and Restaurant in Bali welcomes you to a different kind of bar and dining scene on Seminyak’s main Kayu Aya road. Whether you come to dine, drink or dance, La Favela is one of Seminyak’s oases where you will be able to relax with an international crowd. ”
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Bira Bahçesi
“If you want to have some drinks and dance thats the place to be. Its always very crowded and is usually the last place to close.”
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“Mingle with mischievous Balinese macaques in their natural habitat. Tip: Keep your sunnies, bottles, and phones/cameras close and watch out for their sneaky fingers! ”
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Hindu Temple
“One of the top sunset spots in Bali. You'll definitely be in awe of this beautiful ancient temple sitting among waves in the ocean.”
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Plaj Barı
“Finns Beach Club is perhaps the most famous Beach Club in Bali. Their prices are high and it is almost like any other Beach Club on the island, but a visit to this or another Beach Club to spend the day by the beach while drinking cocktails is definitely fun at least once during your stay here. Featuring 4 pools, 9 bars, 2 restaurants and amazing sunsets. It is based in Berawa Beach and roughly takes around 17 minutes by transport from the Villa. ”
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Fransız Restoranı
“The 350 seat restaurant, bar, lounge and private dining offers diners in Bali exciting French Mediterranean cuisine passionately crafted by Chef Nicolas ‘Doudou’ Tourneville together with Executive Chef Dove Sudarsana. They bring their legendary talent and culinary artistry to the table with a masterful combination of French Mediterranean cuisine. Flawless service in one of Bali’s most elegantly sophisticated settings is just the beginning of this seduction into the depths of the five senses. MÉTIS is as fresh and sumptuous as the cuisine that graces its tables ”
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Motorcycle Shop
““God’s Restaurant,” if you speak Latin. The place where motorcycles and fine dining collide, if you take anything literally around here. If so, you can call our food Pan Asian Cuisine.Aside from a full bar, including mouthwatering cocktails, fine wines, and an assortment of beer, Deus’ coffees have been called the best in Bali — we’re happy to agree. After sunset, there’s music and other entertainment, and there are always quiet corners for more intimate conversation. Large teak tables, stuffed corner sofas, and sturdy bars stools await your desire, while original pieces by fine artists Robert Moore, Andrew Wellman & a plentitude of others are featured through the facilities. Our kitchen ope”
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Kokteyl Barı
“An absolute colorful beach shack, La Plancha is a beachfront restaurant and bar nestled on the shore of the famous Seminyak's surf break & best sunset point.”
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Balinese Restaurant
“A social eating and meeting venue for locals, and tourists, serving a variety of local and international food in Bali.”
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“Beach is a fun, chill place to lounge at. You can rent 2 beds or bean bags with an umbrella and a table for 50k (25k each). You can order food and drinks from your spot.”
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Amusement Park
“Big Sport/ Family club, gym, football, splash waterpark, bowling, tennis, trampolining and more.”
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Sanat Galerisi
“The Third highest statue is here in Bali, named Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park or GWK is a cultural park located at Ungasan, Badung in the island of Bali, Indonesia about 10–15 minutes driving from Ngurah Rai International Airport. It is devoted to the Hindu god Vishnu, and his mount, Garuda, the mythical bird who became his companion. Planned to be established as a landmark or mascot of Bali, construction of the giant statue of Vishnu riding his mount Garuda, as high as 120 metres was completed in August 2018. Designed to be the Indonesia’s tallest statue, Garuda Wisnu Kencana was inspired by Hindu mythology about the search for Amerta (the elixir of life). According to this myth, Garuda agreed to be ridden by Lord Wisnu in return for the right to use the elixir to liberate his enslaved mother. The idea for the monument was not without controversy, and religious authorities on the island complained that its massive size might disrupt the spiritual balance of the island, and that its commercial nature was inappropriate, but some groups agree with the project, because it will be a new tourist attraction on barren land.[3] The 75-m tall, 65-m wide statue was designed by Nyoman Nuarta.[4] It sits atop a pedestal to bring the total height of the monument to 121 m (397 ft), which is nearly 30 m (98 ft) taller than the Statue of Liberty in the United States. The completed monument is about as tall as a 21-storey building. It weighs 4000 tonnes, making it the heaviest statue in the country. The statue is made of copper and brass sheeting, with a stainless steel frame and skeleton, as well as a steel and concrete core column. The outer covering measures 22000 m2 in area. The crown of Wisnu is covered with golden mosaics and the statue has a dedicated lighting arrangement. The monument was completed on 31 July 2018 and inaugurated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo on 22 September, 2018.”
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İtalyan Restoranı
“Highly recommended comfort Italian food at a reasonable price! I personally never leave Bali without visiting this place. Love its vast food & wine options at a great deal without compromising on taste. You can dress casually here. They also have live music and you can sit outdoors at night. What a good value for your buck!”
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