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“Cannot be missed. Hire bikes from the park entrance of the Dublin Bike scheme from in front of Kilmainham Gaol (credit card required, €5 for 3 days). Park is vast and features Dublin Zoo, Stately homes and beautiful tea shops. Full of beautiful wild deer. 20 minutes walk from house. ”
  • Yerel halktan 550 kişi öneriyor
Bira imalathanesi
“Don't forget to enjoy the odour of the Roasted Hops while you are in the area!!”
  • Yerel halktan 430 kişi öneriyor
“This beautiful park is a must visit place. You enjoy the greenery accented by the Dublin's famous mild rains.”
  • Yerel halktan 332 kişi öneriyor
“Learn about this historic jail, and the role it played in the independence of Ireland. Also, much of the movie "Paddington 2" was filmed here ”
  • Yerel halktan 244 kişi öneriyor
“If you are interested in Whiskey, then this is a must. I have done this tour twice myself with friends that were visiting Dublin, and I thoroughly enjoyed it on both occasions.. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. ”
  • Yerel halktan 196 kişi öneriyor
“The party area of the city centre. Lots of Irish bars and restaurants. Very touristy with tourist prices!”
  • Yerel halktan 351 kişi öneriyor
Government Building
“The heart of historic Dublin, Dublin Castle is a breath-taking attraction that should be on any visitor's must-see list.”
  • Yerel halktan 136 kişi öneriyor
Yaya Meydanı
“Best Shopping area in Dublin. Favorites are of course Brown Thomas, Otehr Stories and the new White Company”
  • Yerel halktan 186 kişi öneriyor
“Beautiful area great if you dont have time to leave the dublin area and if you are on a budget, also great seafood ”
  • Yerel halktan 195 kişi öneriyor
“The cathedral was originally founded in 1191 and is rife with over 800 years of Irish history and culture. A brilliant architectural wonder, its beauty can be noticed both inside and out. ”
  • Yerel halktan 157 kişi öneriyor
“Good conditions for most animals. Plenty of space. Go mid-week. Very busy weekends in summer. Bring a picnic. Long Day!”
  • Yerel halktan 115 kişi öneriyor
Sanat Müzesi
“The Irish Museum of Modern Art. Worth a visit if you are interested in Modern Art. ”
  • Yerel halktan 158 kişi öneriyor
Sanat Müzesi
“The National Gallery on Merrion Square displays a collection of more than 2000 European and Irish paintings.”
  • Yerel halktan 126 kişi öneriyor
İrlanda Pubı
“Irelands oldest pub with great traditional Irish music and story telling. A must do”
  • Yerel halktan 123 kişi öneriyor
İrlanda Pubı
“Is one of the best irish pubs, everyday live music, is just around the corner and you can enjoy listen traditional music with the best vibe as a local. ”
  • Yerel halktan 167 kişi öneriyor

En iyi restoranlar

İrlanda Pubı
“Irelands oldest pub with great traditional Irish music and story telling. A must do”
  • Yerel halktan 123 kişi öneriyor
“Located in the heart of the city (and our favourite area in town) this restaurant has an excellent breakfast and brunch menu. Try the eggs menemen.”
  • Yerel halktan 108 kişi öneriyor
Kahvaltı Noktası
“Located in the lovely area of Grand Canal Dock (about 15 minutes walk from the city centre). Great breakfast, lunch or dinner. ”
  • Yerel halktan 84 kişi öneriyor
“Pizza Place!! Ideal if you need a quick bite and want to stay in the coziness of Dublin 4 ”
  • Yerel halktan 93 kişi öneriyor
“This used to be an actual church, pretty unique place for getting to know Irish Food and ambience”
  • Yerel halktan 67 kişi öneriyor
“Winner of Lovin Dublin's, "Best Brunch" Award, Farmer Browns on Bath Avenue is a great blend of Irish cooking with contemporary flair”
  • Yerel halktan 60 kişi öneriyor
“Best place for live Traditional music and Irishness. Stereotypical Irish pub, very popular with American celebrities.”
  • Yerel halktan 71 kişi öneriyor
“An atmospheric, busy bar that occupies multiple levels including flowing out onto the street.”
  • Yerel halktan 77 kişi öneriyor

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