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Alışveriş Merkezi
“Located in Rinku Town across the water from Kansai Airport. With a resort atmosphere, center includes a wide range of well-known foreign brands.中心建筑充满了历史悠久的美国港口城市查尔斯顿(Charleston)之影子。位于关西机场对岸,交通非常便利。”
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“Kansai International Airport (関西空港, Kansai Kūkō, KIX) is one of Japan's most important international airports. Located on a man made island about 40 kilometers south of central Osaka, Kansai Airport was opened in 1994, taking over all international and some of the domestic air traffic formerly handled by Osaka's Itami Airport. Kansai Airport has two terminals. Terminal 1, the main terminal, is housed in a long, modern building and serves both domestic and international flights by regular airlines. The railway station is located directly adjacent to it. Added in 2012 in a more remote, spartan building, terminal 2 serves low-cost airlines (LCCs). It has fewer bus connections and no train serv”
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“There are many og fomous blands such as Diesel,Dolce & Gabbana,Francfranc,NewYorker,and so much more.Also restrants.”
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“Boasting maximum convenience, this 24-hour getaway is situated within walking distance from passenger terminals and the train station.”
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“Located on a man made island about 40km south of central Osaka. Terminal 1 the main terminal. Terminal 2 serves low-cost airlines.”
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“The big outlet mall. Take the Nankai Line at Namba station and get off at Rinku town station. It takes about 40 min.”
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Tren İstasyonu
““Aviation theme park "SkyView" also gives the hotel. There is such as Sky deck overlooking the playground equipment and scenery for the children.”
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Place to shop
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