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Monastero Santo Spirito

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Anna Rita
Anna Rita
November 24, 2019
Nel centro storico. Oltre che per il valore artistico, il luogo e' anche interessante per comprare i dolcetti tipici cucinati dalle suore di clausura.
January 4, 2016
The Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Chiaramonte style which is located inside the church and the city museum
February 12, 2014
Il Monastero di S.Spirito domina la parte orientale della città. E' il più noto fra tutti i monumenti medievali rimasti ad Agrigento
December 28, 2019
Casuzza di Girgenti is located in the heart of the Historical Center so I recommend you to see the nearby ‘Santo Spirito Monastery’ where the nuns prepare delicious pistachio sweets, the Majestic Cathedral and the lovely Church of Santa Maria dei Greci. La Chiesa Di Santo Spirito innesta…
December 16, 2019
Nadia E Vincenzo
Nadia E Vincenzo
May 4, 2019
Un solo suggerimento: dopo aver visto la meravigliosa Chiesa andate dalle suore a comprare i loro famosi dolcetti alla mandorla (ricetta antica e segreta)
Elvira Ed Ignazio
Elvira Ed Ignazio
August 28, 2018
Il monastero di Santo Spirito, con la sua grandiosa mole, domina la parte orientale della città. Esso è senza dubbio il più noto fra tutti i monumenti medievali rimasti ad Agrigento. Il monastero è chiamato anche Badia Grande (in dialetto, “Bataranni”) ed è caratterizzato da un bellissimo chiostro
January 21, 2015
The Monastery of "Santo Spirito" is a complex architecture and monuments of medieval origin located in the town of Agrigento, exactly in the heart of the city center-historic city.

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“The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Gerlando is the main place of Catholic worship in Agrigento.”
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“Opening hours out from the celebrations 10.00 to 13.00 / 15.30 to 18.00 The Church of St. Mary of the Greeks located on the same street, on the hill of Girgenti. It corresponds to the ancient temple of Athena or Zeus Atabirios, dating back to Theron. There are traces of this temple foundations and the remains of the cell: a temple peripteral hexastyle, with thirteen columns on the long sides, similar to the Temple of Concordia , which measured 34.70 meters x 15.10. The church is called because of the Greeks, during the Byzantine era, was the cathedral rite greek-orthodox cathedral became Catholic before San Gerlando. The present building dates from the twelfth or thirteenth century. Simple and severe, the façade has a Gothic style reminiscent of the typical architecture Swabian age. The entrance is adorned with a large ogival portal, whose key has a shield. The interior has three naves. The middle one has a wooden ceiling line fourteenth century, painted trusses. On the walls are traces of seven boxes fourteenth-century frescoes, distributed around the figure of a Madonna and Child Enthroned went partly destroyed. It is the so-called Madonna del latte with an explicit reference to the Church depicted in Mary, indicated by the child as a source of grace. The seven panels representing scenes from the life of Mary. The two remaining are: The Vision of St. Joachim on the Mount , in which an angel appears, announcing the next motherhood of St. Anne, and the Presentation of Mary in the Temple . The church contains a marble sarcophagus in 1570, which contains the bones of two noble Palermo: Bartolomeo Caputo Terms and Isabella. During the last restoration, were found the crypt and the gully of the nineteenth century, where members of the Brotherhood of Santa Maria dei Greeks were allowed to dry, sitting before burial. The chairs are made from the living rock below the level of the floor of the cell of the temple. ”
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“Nel cuore della Valle dei Templi, questo giardino merita una visita. A pochi chilometri da casa.”
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“wine cafè, perfect for cocktails and in the morning for breakfast. at night you can see a music concert.”
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History Museum
“ The regional Archaeological Museum is one of the most modern museums in Sicily and contains important archeological finds from the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta dating from prehistoric to Roman times. Among the collections are finds from the Neolithic, Bronze, and Iron Ages and ancient finds from Gela and the necropolis at Montelusa, the oldest known graves in the area. Highlights to look for include a fifth-century-BC red-figured Greek crater from Gela showing an Amazon battle, black- and red-figured pottery from Athens and Italy dating from the sixth to third centuries BC, capitals and gargoyles with lion's heads from various temples, and the marble statue of an ephebe from about 480 BC. An entire two-story room is devoted to the buildings of the enormous temple of the Olympian Zeus, with a model and reconstruction drawings and one of the original 38 Atlas figures, the head of another Atlas, and other fragments.”
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Agrigento, Sicily
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