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Fregatten Jylland

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Karen Svarre
Karen Svarre
August 16, 2019
Fregatten Jylland A great experience on Fregatten Jylland With 102 metres from bowsprit to stern, 44 cannons and 57 metres to the top of the masthead, Fregatten Jylland (the Frigate Jutland) is an experience with both room and entertainment for the whole family. The exhibition hall provides the…
August 30, 2018
Museum with the worlds longest wooden ship.
February 25, 2018
This ship is beautiful
August 3, 2017
And old Man'O'War ship from 19th century. Largest wooden ship ever built. fought the war between Denmark and Germany in 1865 the battle of Helgoland. restored as museum.
May 23, 2017
The world’s longest wooden ship Come aboard the world´s longest wooden ship! Experience life on board form the deep of the lower deck to the climb to the top of the mainmast. On the steerage deck, the crew ate and slept. On the gun deck, they have prepared for battle. The royal lounges are…

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Sanat Müzesi
“www.glasmuseet.dk Glasmuseet Ebeltoft’s permanent collection consists of more than 1600 pieces and is considered to be one of the most unique collections of glass in Europe.”
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“You can see all kind of animals in the park. When going on safari you can see the animal up close.”
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“Accommodation in Skandinavisk Dyrepark The polar bear park is without doubt the best place in the world to see polar bears up close! The 26,000- square-metre park has both tundra and a glacier. On the glacier, the polar bears have their own ice machine because, of course, polar bears need ice, so in Scandinavian Wildlife Park they get 5 tons of it – EVERY day! The Bear Park, Wolf Park and Moose Park are no less than fascinating, and in the parks visitors can experience these wonderful creatures from 200- metre-long walkways – face to face! We guarantee visitors a breathtaking experience! So much awaits you in this park which is large enough to qualify as true Danish wilderness! In 450,000 square metres of authentic Djursland countryside, you will have an uplifting experience seeing more than 20 Nordic species together and gambolling about. At Scandinavian Wildlife Park there is something for everybody, and you will leave with the feeling of having had a really full day. The park’s dedicated personnel are always willing to share their knowledge and experience with visitors. Don’t forget to join in the daily activities! Begin your visit to Skandinavisk Dyrepark at www.skandinaviskdyrepark.dk where you will also find lots of interactive fun for young and old alike: a bear game, plan your day, buy season cards or pre-purchase one of our popular picnics! Skandinavisk Dyrepark has a four-star rating, and in 2000 it was awarded the Tourism Advancement Award.”
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Point of Interest
“The oldest middelage paved road in Denmark leads to the Castle Ruins of the 700 year old Castle, situated on the small peninsular Kalø. In the surroundings of the ruins you may find medical herbs originating from an old medical herb garden. Kalø Castle Ruins 700 Years As you travel the half-kilometre distance along the causeway to Kalø Castle Ruins you are also travelling 700 years back in time. The longest medieval road in Denmark Arriving at the end of the longest medieval road in Denmark, which was constructed at the same time as the castle, you can easily imagine the life that went on behind the castle walls. King Erik Menved (1274-1319) had the castle built after he had defeated a Jutland peasants’ revolt in 1313. The power of the king The castle is quite modern, e.g. with a flanking tower: the first of its kind in Denmark. Kalø Castle was impressive and nearly impregnable. However, in reality, the castle was built to keep domestic enemies under control, i.e. peasants led by noblemen: the selfsame people the King had forced to build the castle for him in the first place. The prisoner king The most famous prisoner held at the castle was Gustav Vasa, who was imprisoned here from 1518 to 1519, when he escaped. Gustav Vasa was later to become the King of Sweden. Until the introduction of an absolute monarchy in 1660, Kalø Castle served as the manor for all of Djursland. Recycling the castle When the castle was demolished, the stones were spread throughout Denmark and reused e.g. to build Charlottenborg Palace in Copenhagen. The landscape formed by the ice The forests around Kalø Vig include the forest of Hestehave, which offers a view of the castle ruins and the less well-known forest of Ringelmose on the other side of the Molsvej road. The entire area is situated beneath moraines that were formed during the Young Baltic ice advance. The landscape around the inlet seems almost to form an amphitheatre, with seats up on the hills near Rønde town and the inlet and the castle ruins forming the stage. The picturesque Mols Bjerge form the backdrop. ”
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“Here you will meet the Animals of the Rainforest in a lush green environment.”
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4 S. A. Jensens Vej
Ebeltoft, Midtjylland 8400
Telefon86 34 10 99