São Paulo bölgesinde yapılacak en iyi şeyler

Şehri, yerel halkın yöntemiyle keşfedin. Yapılacak en iyi şeyleri, yemek yenecek en iyi yerleri bulun ve burada yaşayan insanlardan paha biçilmez tavsiyeler alın.

Hoşunuza gidebilecek deneyimler

Şehri keşfetmenize yardımcı olacak yerliler tarafından düzenlenen bazı etkinlikler burada sunulmuştur.

Yerel halkın en sevdiği yerler

İşte hepsi yerel halka göre en iyi parklar, restoranlar, kent simgeleri ve yerel noktalar hakkında en kusursuz kılavuzunuz

1. Ibirapuera Park
Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
618yerel tavsiyeler
Cecília diyor ki “Ibirapuera Park is a major urban park in São Paulo, Brazil. It has a large area for leisure, jogging...” ·
2. Museum of Art of São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand
1578 Av. Paulista
473yerel tavsiyeler
Laís Cristina
Laís Cristina diyor ki “MASP - exposições One of the most iconic museums in São Paulo, located on Paulista Avenue. It is we...” ·
3. Pão de Açúcar
1933 R. Teodoro Sampaio
191yerel tavsiyeler
Maria Clara & Marcelo
Maria Clara & Marcelo diyor ki “This supermarket (between Rua Teodoro Sampaio, Mourato Coelho and Fradique Coutinho - roughly 1km fr...” ·
4. Avenida Paulista
Av. Paulista
300yerel tavsiyeler
Joao diyor ki “On Sundays this main avenue, equivalent to the 5th avenue in New York, becomes pedestrian and it is ...” ·
5. Fair Benedito Calixto
240 Praça Benedito Calixto
160yerel tavsiyeler
Laís Cristina
Laís Cristina diyor ki “Street fair on Saturdays - nice local designer stuff, local food in the heart of the square, chorinh...” ·
6. Municipal Theatre of São Paulo
s/n Praça Ramos De Azevedo
134yerel tavsiyeler
Ivan diyor ki “This gem theater is located in the Ild Downtown area and while yes, there is a sizable homeless popu...” ·
7. Estádio Municipal Paulo Machado de Carvalho
113yerel tavsiyeler
Antonio & Ellen
Antonio & Ellen diyor ki “One of the best museum! -Open Tuesday to Sunday-9am to 5pm -Closed on Sunday -Price:R$6 reais - ...” ·
8. Arena Corinthians
98yerel tavsiyeler
Glauco diyor ki “Believe it! If you want to walk to the stadium will arrive in 15 minutes, going well so quiet while ...” ·
9. Instituto Tomie Ohtake
88 Rua Coropé
103yerel tavsiyeler
Victor diyor ki “Modern museum with temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists, the Institute is located in a buil...” ·
10. Sesc Pompeia
93 R. Clélia
105yerel tavsiyeler
Lucas diyor ki “Sesc Pompeia is a cultural place that gathers arts galleries, theaters, restaurants, snacks and even...” ·
11. Padaria Bella Paulista
354 Rua Haddock Lobo
91yerel tavsiyeler
Francisco/Barbara diyor ki “Padaria famosa na região da Paulista que funciona 24h. Tem um menu incrível de lanches, pratos, e at...” ·
12. Terraço Itália
344 Av. Ipiranga
83yerel tavsiyeler
Matheus & Renato
Matheus & Renato diyor ki “The seccond tallest buildings of the city has an breathtaking view. Fancy restaurant up there./ O se...” ·
13. Famiglia Mancini
81 R. Avanhandava
81yerel tavsiyeler
Vital diyor ki “Sao Paulo is famous for its fabulous Italian food. This pizzeria is one of the nicest of this city. ...” ·
14. Allianz Parque
1705 Av. Francisco Matarazzo
77yerel tavsiyeler
Carolina diyor ki “Allianz Parque is the soccer stadium for Palmeiras, one of the largest and best known teams in Brazi...” ·
15. Geek.ETC.BR - Conjunto Nacional
2073 Av. Paulista
83yerel tavsiyeler
Sabrina diyor ki “It's ease to get lost inside this place, since it's one of the largest Bookstore in Latin America. T...” ·
16. Vila Madalena
129yerel tavsiyeler
Omar diyor ki “Nevermind the drinking and driving issues. Walk to Vila Madalena to its famous and diverse nightlife...” ·
17. Lieutenant Siqueira Campos
949 Rua Peixoto Gomide
120yerel tavsiyeler
Joao diyor ki “This is a super central 2 block park which conserves the original flora of Sao Paulo city. It is imm...” ·
18. Rua Augusta
R. Augusta
120yerel tavsiyeler
Susanna R Dornelles
Susanna R Dornelles diyor ki “From downtown to Av. Paulista, our Soho of night clubs. Lots of grass at the corner of Rua Peixoto G...” ·
19. Rua Oscar Freire
Rua Oscar Freire
123yerel tavsiyeler
Tânia diyor ki “Conhecida por abrigar flagships de marcas famosas, a Rua Oscar Freire é um dos principais endereços ...” ·
20. Spot
72 Alameda Min. Rocha Azevedo
71yerel tavsiyeler
Paola diyor ki “A classic spot to see and be seen! Nice and little expensive restaurant, with tasty food and beautif...” ·
21. Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
112 R. Álvares Penteado
78yerel tavsiyeler
Luciana diyor ki “Vey nice museum ate the center of the city. Nice exhibitions and also theater and movies. Free entr...” ·
22. Ó do Borogodo
21 R. Horácio Lane
65yerel tavsiyeler
Cristina diyor ki “Great place to go, cheap beer and nice music. Entrance fee is not expensive. Tuesday is a good day, ...” ·
23. Bar da Dona Onça
200 Av. Ipiranga
62yerel tavsiyeler
Paola diyor ki “This is a spot in Copan building great for weekend lunches, early dinner or even a happy hour. It's ...” ·
24. Beco do Batman
R. Gonçalo Afonso
99yerel tavsiyeler
Evelyn diyor ki “If you are into art and street art, it is a must visit. Every space - walls, pavement, trees - is us...” ·
25. Rua 25 de Março
Rua 25 de Março
97yerel tavsiyeler
Thatiana diyor ki “This famous and popular street in SP can let you a bit overwhelmed as there is really too much going...” ·
26. São Paulo Museum of Modern Art
s/n° Av. Pedro Álvares Cabral
64yerel tavsiyeler
Ma-Rê diyor ki “Modern Art Museum, inside Ibirapuera Park, it's a nice walk. They have a very nice coffee shop, gre...” ·
27. Estadão Bar & Lanches
193 Viaduto Nove de Julho
64yerel tavsiyeler
Elcio diyor ki “Famous for its pernil (pork loin) sandwiches served on crusty French bread, this no-frills stand-up ...” ·
28. Le Jazz Brasserie
254 R. dos Pinheiros
54yerel tavsiyeler
Aglay diyor ki “The real bistrô in the city. Amazing food and nice staff. On the other hand, long waiting lines... ...” ·
29. Casa das Rosas
37 Av. Paulista
65yerel tavsiyeler
Raniel & Luciana
Raniel & Luciana diyor ki “Mansão antiga chamada Casa das Rosas. Lá existem diversas exposições e tem uma cafeteria nos fundos ...” ·
30. Football Museum
s/n Praça Charles Miler
53yerel tavsiyeler
Evelyn diyor ki “This is a great exhibition for all, not only for fanatics... and inexpensive to visit. Also, there ...” ·