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Deniz kenarında çekici bir kulübe. Tekne kiralamak mümkün.
Tüm kulübe · 8 misafir · 4 yatak · 1 banyo

Deniz kenarında çekici bir kulübe. Tekne kiralamak mümkün.Deniz kenarında çekici bir kulübe. Bergen City'e bir saat. Balık tutmak için iyi fırsatlar, tekne kiralamak için mümkün. Tekne için fiyat bir gün için 600 kr'dir. 1 hafta=2500 kr . Daha uzun vadede fiyat isteyin. Kabini kendin yıkayabilirsin ya da 600 kr'a yapabiliriz.

1800 'lerden kalma rahat, geleneksel bir Norveç evi
Çiftlikte konaklama · 6 misafir · 5 yatak · 1 banyo

1800 'lerden kalma rahat, geleneksel bir Norveç eviNorveç'in güzel batı kıyısında yer alan, 1800 'lerden kalma rahat, geleneksel bir Norveç evi olan Feste'ye hoş geldiniz! Mülk, her gün yumurta bırakan serbest dolaşan tavukların ve bıldırcınların bulunduğu çiftliğimizde bulunmaktadır. Komşumuzun koyunları da ara sıra ziyarete geliyor ve Norveç'in fiyortlarından biri olan Lurefjorden'deyiz. Sonuçta burası her şeyden uzaklaşmak ve doğayla yeniden bağlantı kurmak için mükemmel bir yer. Yakında tatilinizde buluşmayı sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz, hoş geldiniz!!

mimar tasarımlı kır evi
Tüm kulübe · 10 misafir · 5 yatak · 1 banyo

mimar tasarımlı kır eviKulübe 70 'lerde bir arkitekt tarafından inşa edildi. 2016 yılında yenilenmiştir. Tekneye yaklaşık 5 dakika yürüme mesafesindedir (dahil). Bergen'den arabayla bir saat uzaklıktadır.

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Alver konumunda diğer harika kiralık tatil yerleri

  1. Tüm kulübe
  2. Sletta, Hordaland
Düzlükte Ystbøtræen 118, Radøy
Gecelik 575 ₺
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Alver
Fiyort Manzaralı Bergen Apartmanı
Gecelik 873 ₺
  1. Tüm konut
  2. Lonevåg
Gecelik 863 ₺
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Askøy
Idyllisk ferieleilighet ved sjøen med egen båt
Gecelik 767 ₺
  1. Tüm kulübe
  2. Askøy
Herdla yakınlarında Gulbrandsøy, Bergen'e 40 dakika uzaklıkta Askøy
Gecelik 622 ₺
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Lindaas
Norveç kıyılarını gören harika manzaralı daireler
Gecelik 574 ₺
  1. Tüm villa
  2. Osterøy
Geniş bahçeli ve fiyort manzaralı rahat ev
Gecelik 731 ₺
  1. Tüm konut
  2. Alver
Sessiz bir ortamda ideal bir çiftlik evi
Gecelik 725 ₺
  1. Tüm misafir evi
  2. Askøy
Bergen yakınlarında denize sıfır bir sığınak
Gecelik 719 ₺
  1. Tüm site içi daire
  2. Osterøy
Koselig kjellerleilighet nær sjø og fjell.
Gecelik 567 ₺
  1. Tüm konut
  2. Ostereidet
Özel konuma sahip yazlık ev
Gecelik 1.141 ₺
  1. Tüm misafir evi
  2. Alver
Cozy cottage with garden
Gecelik 712 ₺

Alver bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Mountain hiking and delicious local food
    We start the tour above Fløybanen station in the center. At Skansen. (White building with a tower) Then we follow the beautiful (Fjellveien) road for 10 minutes, and start a 30 minutes walk in the woods up along a water fall. Finishing that one we are up in the area where we meet the tracking roads. We continue for about 15 minutes and will be able to see Bergen and the surrounding. NOTE! In winter season (October-March) we will walk a different route up to the mountain. Here we will take a break and taste som typical food that this part of Norway is known for. Like wild salmon, local cheese (that won the World Cheese Awards 2019), and ham from this part of Norway. After this break we continue to another part of the mountain, mainly flat. And the view is fantastic. Than we go down to Fløyen and enjoy the view. After that we can choose 2 different roads down to Bergen and the start point. I will also tell you about Bergen, the history and how we live today. Distance: 8 km. (5 mile) If you are alone, no problem. I also do this hiking tour for one person. The weather in Bergen can be "everything" so if its rain and foggy the route may be adjusted at short notice. Other things to note The weather can change quickly so if its rain and foggy we will adjust the route. Family or group of 4 + send me a message before your booking, i will give a discount.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:490 ₺/kişi
  • Learn About Space with an Astronomer
    Learn about space with an astronomer! Take your chance to talk to a professional astronomer, ask questions, use your imagination, and expand your knowledge! This experience is for everyone over age of 14, who always wanted to learn more about space. If you plan to book my experience for someone who is under age of 14 please message me in advance. ''Learn about space with an astronomer'' is ideal for special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays as well as for team building events at work or school gatherings. If you'd like to book for a private group, feel free to write to me in advance. I'll be happy to arrange something for you. Join me on our online journey through space! Our talks will start with a fun, interactive truth/false game in which I will give you some of the most interesting and less known astronomy and space facts. After that you all will have the chance to join the discussion and ask questions, comment or help the others to understand the subject better. During the discussion we will use the breakout rooms feature on Zoom for extra engagement. No previous need of any astronomical knowledge is needed. Just enthusiasm and passion to learn new things. Other things to note Experiences for people with higher level of knowledge can be arranged upon request.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:211 ₺/kişi
  • Fjord safari with rib in Hardanger
    Guidet båttur med RIB til den flotte veiløse fjordarmen Fyksesund til Hardangerfjorden. Du blir guidet av en engasjert og kunnskapsrik guide som gir deg innsikt i kulturhistorien og hvordan det har vært å bo i denne fjordarmen de siste hundre årene. Gjennom rask transport får du som gjest med deg flott natur med utallige fossefall, smalt fjordlandskap og bratte fjellsider. Etter turen sitter du igjen med innsikt om hvordan det var og er å leve i en veiløs fjordarm.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:910 ₺/kişi
  • Trolltunga Snowshoe Winter Hike
    PS: Please contact me in advance if you want to book this trip to Trolltunga. Then we will find a date and time in the calendar for our trip :-) Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most popular hikes for good reason. It is an incredibly scenic hike, ending at the Troll’s tongue, a thin sliver of rock perfect for creative photographs. When arriving I will go through safety and the equipment needed. In late spring and winter season I recommend going early in the morning (no later than 07) to get the most out of the short (but beautiful) daylight. The hike from Skjeggedal to Trolltunga is a 28km total roundtrip (14km each way), about 850m ascent and we will spend between 9-12 hours. From Skjeggedal we follow the path to Mågelitopp and then switch to snowshoes (depending the snow conditions) and continue up the mountain side to Gryteskar where we get an amazing view towards the Folgefonna glacier. The trip continues towards Tyssebotn and finally Trolltunga! During the course of the walk we'll have several breaks to rest and eat, and of course to enjoy the view! You will need to bring your own food for a whole day, good clothes and hiking boots. Other things to note The hike from the end of the road to the Trolltunga site is a steep and demanding route. Be prepared. Always take extra clothes, food and water.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:1.822 ₺/kişi
  • Unique photo walk with a local
    Single person, group, family or couple? One price covers it all! Up to 5 people in a group. After the experience is over I will deliver 15 edited high-res photos as a beautiful memory of your trip. About our day: You will take advantage of my extended knowledge of the city, having grow up here, I know all the hidden and secret spots. We will naturally also visit the more well-know places to have a good balance. We will start by grabbing a hot beverage in one of my favorite cafes not far from Fløibanen station. During this time we will get better acquainted and I will tell you some of my unique experiences I've had in the city. I will talk about the history of the city, and explain our "Scandinavian" way of life. We'll leave the cafe and walk towards Bryggen. This is when I'll start to take your portraits. We will continue up in Sandviken, this is where I grew up, so I know a lot of very beautiful streets and hidden-spots. After this we will walk up to Fjellveien for some very scenic views of the city. Depending on the weather we'll either make it up to Fløyen, (we'll take the cable car) or we'll walk back down to the city for some more photo-taking. During our 2 hour walk, I hope you will have learned a lot of new things about Bergen and us Norwegians, and of course receive great portraits you can keep as a memory. Other things to note I'll be sure to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, I work discreetly, and I will make sure you have a positive experience together with me.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:1.678 ₺/kişi