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Stokholm konumunda kiralık tatil yerleri

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Stokholm şehrindeki en yüksek puanlı kiralık tatil yerleri

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Ayrı mutfaklı tek yatak odalı daire
Tüm kiralık konut · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 banyo

Ayrı mutfaklı tek yatak odalı daireDaire metroya yakındır ve Stockholm'ün merkezine 12 dakika sürer. Ayrı bir mutfağı olan bir oda ve iki kişilik bir yatak. Bakkal ve diğer dükkanlara yakın ve yürüyüş yapmak için güzel bir yer.

Göl kenarında saunalı, Sthlm'e yakın konuk evi
Tüm misafir evi · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1,5 banyo

Göl kenarında saunalı, Sthlm'e yakın konuk eviDinlendirici bir konaklama için mükemmel bir yer, belki saunadan sonra akşam yüzmesi yaparken fantastik bir gün batımının tadını çıkarın. Stockholm'e, Drottningholm kalesine (Unesco dünya mirası) restoranlara ve ormandaki yerel yürüyüşe yakın.

Yalnız seyahat eden biri olarak sizin için ideal yer
Özel oda · 1 misafir · 1 yatak · 1 müşterek banyo

Yalnız seyahat eden biri olarak sizin için ideal yerStockholm'ün en çekici semti Södermalm'da rahat bir yaşam. İlginç SoFo'nun yanı sıra hemen köşe başında zengin restoran, kahve dükkanı ve "Fotografiska" gibi kültürel mekan seçeneklerine sahip olacaksınız.

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Stokholm konumunda diğer harika kiralık tatil yerleri

  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Häggvik
"Sollentunavallen" yakınında bir villada konforlu daire
Gecelik 482 ₺
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Sundbyberg
Şehir merkezine 10 dk. mesafede özel stüdyo
Gecelik 501 ₺
  1. Küçük ev
  2. Ekerö
Mälaren Gölü kıyısındaki sahil evi
Gecelik 1.476 ₺
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Östermalm
Cozy place in östermalm
Gecelik 922 ₺
  1. Tüm kulübe
  2. Stocksund
Cosy Island Hideaway
Gecelik 481 ₺
  1. Küçük ev
  2. Järfälla
Merkeze 15 dakika mesafede bahçeli sevimli küçük ev
Gecelik 844 ₺
  1. Özel oda
  2. Stokholm
Södermalm Stockholm
Gecelik 262 ₺
  1. Küçük ev
  2. Lidingö
Rahat mimari tasarımlı saunalı misafir evi!
Gecelik 886 ₺
  1. Tüm misafir süiti
  2. Älvsjö
Stockholm şehri yakınında samimi, özel stüdyo
Gecelik 500 ₺
  1. Tüm konut
  2. Trollbäcken
Küçük stüdyo, panoramik deniz manzarası, büyük teras
Gecelik 960 ₺
  1. Tüm misafir evi
  2. Edsberg
Güneşli bahçede, şehir ve doğaya yakın, ücretsiz otopark
Gecelik 950 ₺
  1. Tüm kiralık konut
  2. Södermalm
Studio SoFo, Sthlm şehri, Deniz manzarası, Kültür alanı!
Gecelik 837 ₺

Stokholm bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Private photoshoot in iconic spots
    Great private experience for solo travellers, couples or family/friends together! We will meet at a place in the iconic Stockholm center. We will explore the expectations of your trip and your particular interests to then go ahead to different parts of the city and explore it, capturing unforgettable moments as we chat about the nordic culture. I won't force you to pose most of the time but I will rather be with you to capture natural and candid shots. At some places we will focus a little more on capturing you and your group and I will of course direct the shots to get your best you! We can also grab some beer, an ice cream or a snack and celebrate your trip. You will get between 20-40 professionally and high quality edited photos of your experience within 48-96 hours via Pixieset. This is a private experience, I will be photographing you and your companions alone! This experience is set for one or two people if you book one guest, but if you are a group of three or more you can book the group option (it will say it is one guest but it includes your companions). If you are interested in a time and date not shown it might also be possible, just write to me and we can make it happen! Other things to note If you have any questions do not hesitate to write. Looking forward to meet you! If you are interested in a time and date not shown it might also be possible, just write!
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:689 ₺/kişi
  • Magic Forest and Healing Spring Water
    I will pick you up and we will go to one of my favorite places were i often go to recharge. We will go for a mindful hike through a pine forest towards a natural spring. Taking in the surrounding nature with all our senses to ground, relax and expand our energy field. There we fill up our bottles, so we can enjoy the benefits of the healing spring water during the rest of our walk. I will explain the health properties of spring water. We will follow natural trails in the forest and around a small lake. Mindfully engaging all our senses so that we become one with living earth and all the beings we meet on our path. We will find a nice spot by the lake and rest and have some "Swedish fika"(tea time). Then If you wish I would love to guide you through a meditation to further ground and feel even more connected and present, with the forest and its inhabitants. I will gladly share what I know about healing water, grounding/earthing, sacred places and the health benefits of the Swedish forest. It is also possible to go for a refreshing swim in the lake. We will be a small and exclusive group or a private walk. Other things to note I offer privet tours upon request.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:1.312 ₺/kişi
  • Experience Stockholm With A Local
    We'll visit one of the largest and best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe: Stockholm's Gamla Stan (Old Town). This is where it all started, back in the year 1252. You'll learn about our most important kings—their names are easy to remember—and hear about the ghost that has been haunting the royals. Then we'll unearth one of the best-kept secrets in the city. We'll check out the scene of Stockholm's bloodiest massacre, where over 80 people were executed, and touch a thousand-year-old Viking runestone. You'll walk along the narrowest street of this amazing city and learn why it's a tourist magnet—and I'll also tell you a secret that most people do not know at all. Lastly, we'll admire the beautiful architecture of this unique place and enjoy the experience. Most importantly, we will do this no matter what kind of weather awaits us—rain or shine, as they say—because I can protect you from even the most severe conditions. Other things to note The tour might last a little bit more than 2 hours depending on how many questions you will have and how fast we will be moving :)
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:197 ₺/kişi
  • Sunset Kayaking in Stockholm Archipelago
    I will pick you up in the city and we will go out to the archipelago about 40min from city central. Then we choose the best kayak that fits your needs and experience and we go from there, I like to move in a peaceful and calm way to enjoy the stillness and the seascape. We will find a nice island or shore to land and have a picknick and some rest and enjoy our company and the view. Then we continue to explore the seascape. The whole trip including transportation will take 4h - 6h and kayaking including picknick 2h-4h in a comfortable pace according to your experience and request. We will be an exclusive small group. Or if you would like a private tour upon your request to an additional cost is possible to arrange. Other things to note If you have any preferences or wishes for a kajak model please let me know so I can make the reservation. This could be for ex. a single or dubbel kayak. If the weather conditions are not suitable for the experience the trip will be canceled and fully refunded.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:1.866 ₺/kişi
  • Photoshoot in Stockholm
    *PRIVATE SOCIALLY DISTANCED PHOTOSHOOT* This photoshoot is for 1 booking/ 'party' of 1-3 people. We will meet at Gamla Stan and together we will go to some of the best locations around Gamla Stan, Stockholm for beautiful photographs. Showing you options of where I can take images, there is also the option to go to other areas around Stockholm city, just message me! I recommend bringing different outfit changes if you want to have different looks, dress stylish and wear something that will look good in photos, please feel free to message me for advice with this. Please also bring flats if you are wearing heels as we will be walking around cobble streets which aren't always the best if wearing heels. I will use my experience to teach you how to pose, how to act with the surroundings and the key to relaxing and having fun whilst being in front of the camera. We will shoot for around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes and spend the remaining time choosing your favourite photos so you are 100% happy with the final result. Within 5 days your best and chosen 50-200 photos will be sent to you through email fixed professionally using Adobe Photoshop, and ready to share and show off the magic to all your friends and followers. *I charge 200 Swedish Krona per edit for fully retouched photographs, in addition to the fixed photographs included.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:1.182 ₺/kişi

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