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Extraordinary Columbia Gorge Cabin.
Tüm kulübe · 6 misafir · 4 yatak · 2 banyo

Extraordinary Columbia Gorge Cabin.Welcome to River House. Our serene and wonderful cabin in the Columbia River Gorge. Located in the charming little town of Stevenson Washington, one the Gorge's premier Windsurfing and Hiking destinations, River House is surrounding by majestic trees, rugged cliffs, roaring rivers and dreamy night skies. We are walking distance to town where you will find Gorge favorite breweries, restaurants, food trucks and gorge hiking and water fun. Savor your peaceful Gorge Getaway!

Bird's Nest Bungalovunda Plaj Manzarası
Tüm misafir evi · 2 misafir · 1 yatak · 1,5 banyo

Bird's Nest Bungalovunda Plaj ManzarasıRelaxing refuge set on a lush hillside in the quiet seaside town of Stinson Beach. Feel transported by the Asian inspired design and tranquil outdoor shower and soaking tub. Indulge in treetop ocean views from the comfort of a queen bed, and watch the sun set from the privacy of a wooden deck. Walk only five minutes to three miles of perfect beach.

Loons Rest - Maine Quintessential Cottage
Tüm kır evi · 4 misafir · 3 yatak · 1 banyo

Loons Rest - Maine Quintessential Cottage4 dönüm arazide 200 fitten fazla su kenarına sahip ormanda yer alan özel kulübemiz, özlemini çektiğiniz dinlendirici tatili size kesinlikle verecektir. Tamamen yenilenmiş, üst katta iki yatak odası var. 2 rıhtım ve bir yüzme platformu. Kanolar, açık hava ateş alanı, yürüyüş parkurları, ATV parkurları, balıkçılık ve daha fazlası! Kulübe tamamen havlu, yatak takımı, tencere seti, aile oyunları ve PS4 ile doludur. Çadır platformu olarak iki katına çıkabilen yogo platformunun yanı sıra suya bakan bir de güverte var. Maine'i deneyimleyin!

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  2. Rockport
Cozy Cabin by Skagit River
Gecelik 761 ₺
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  2. Suttons Bay
Suttons Bay, Stoney Point Retreat
Gecelik 1.649 ₺
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  2. Hot Springs
Ormanda Romantik Yıldız Işığı Kulübesi
Gecelik 837 ₺
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  2. Port Angeles
Enfes Bir Konuk Evi'nden Çarpıcı Dağ Manzaraları
Gecelik 1.872 ₺
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  2. Creola
Wilder - Evermore Kulübesi | Kül Mağarasına 10 Dakika
Gecelik 1.483 ₺
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  2. Winchester
Fox Meadow'daki Özel Kulübeniz Foxy'ye Kaçış
Gecelik 1.818 ₺
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  2. Gilmanton
Secluded cottage at Crystal Lake
Gecelik 2.528 ₺
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  2. Kissimmee
Gorgeous Florida Getaway in Central Location!
Gecelik 1.428 ₺
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  2. Pensacola
Maggie's Carriage House - East Hill Pensacola
Gecelik 1.141 ₺
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  2. Carolina Beach
Oceanfront 1 bedroom condo with pool
Gecelik 1.736 ₺
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  2. Lakeside
Modern Tiny House in Lakeside (The Stillwater)
Gecelik 1.777 ₺
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  2. Chillicothe
CREEKSIDE CABIN + view, forest, fishing & peaceful
Gecelik 1.059 ₺

ABD bölgesindeki en popüler deneyim ve etkinlikler

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • Van Gogh Find Yourself
    Hello and welcome to Van Gogh Find Yourself Online. The Important thing is that there is no judgement. Remember this. We are here to let go and have a little fun. So relax a bit, breathe and #GetDrawnIn by the Master. Vincent Willem Van Gogh Online: For the month of August 7-28 and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, I am offering 1 free show a day on AirBnB as a part of the PBH Free Fringe. Also there is, Dinner with Van Gogh, every night at 7pm an in person event in Edinburgh with a vegan meal. In person and online we will all sketch share our initial drawings after the 5 minute sketches. At this point, Vincent will reveal the stories and secrets behind his paintings You will draw along and add colors to your initial drawing. If anyone has a question please raise your hand. When Vincent is done telling you his story, Walter arrives and we will share our our art and chat about your experience. If you have no paint supplies you can just be happy with that and if you feel adventurous you can always add some color from household items. I personally have used coffee before for a little shading. Other things to note The experience is best viewed from a computer, phone, tablet. Please leave a review w/pictures of the art, this is one way to support an artist while they are alive.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:212 ₺/kişi
  • Unleash The Inner Vixen with Burlesque
    This experience is designed for bodies of all ages, shapes, and sizes! Book as an individual or opt to book as a PRIVATE GROUP experience for team building, reconnecting with friends or for online bachelorette parties. From the comfort of your own home, spend 90 minutes soaking up some positive vibes, reconnecting with your body, and embracing a more confident you. You’ll find a new sense of empowerment and fun by unleashing the part of you that never gets a chance to come out and play! I’ll guide you through my personally created program “Vixen DeVille's Core Concepts of Burlesque,” where you’ll learn the mindset and techniques behind a magnetically engaging solo burlesque performer. The program’s designed to help enhance your confidence and nurture your positive attitude. We’ll then explore a variety of “burlesque characters” and rediscover what characteristics are hiding within ourselves. Uncover the traits we’ve all learned to bury in our everyday lives and free your inner vixen. Come play, explore, and celebrate. Be who you want to be, be who you are, and learn to share the gift that is you with the world.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:170 ₺/kişi
  • The Healing Harp Personalized Sessions
    ***Great Gift to Self or for Connecting with Those you Love!**** ** Great Way to Celebrate a Birthday over the miles!** I'm happy to consider other days & times - please ask! We begin this online experience with harp music as you nestle in a comfortable place, sip comforting tea, close your eyes, rest your mind, & let the music connect with your heartbeat. As I bathe you in sound that many say feels like a massage, I can even customize soothing harp music to your own natal sign. Western music has 12 major tonalities & these are coordinated with 12 birth signs. Using the special tonality for your birthday, I play calming harp music in *your tonality*. This experience is personalized & very centering! We explore the use of music & harps in healing, including clinical use to relieve pain & anxiety, calm heart beat, level blood pressure. I weave in ways that were used centuries ago to provide care, interspersed with opportunities to indulge your ear, mind, & spirit in ancient & modern harp sound. At the end we settle with a mini-concert of flowing harp music. I follow up with information on continued self-care. Bring a favorite diluted essential oil to make this experience multi-sensory and interactive using AromaAcupoint Therapy! (optional) Rose or Lavender highly recommended.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:279 ₺/kişi
  • #1 Hollywood Sign Tour - 1.5 hr Express
    Awesome Photos, Hilarious Jokes, Interesting History... all while walking to the top of the Hollywood Sign and back. We meet at the closest possible point for the shortest Hollywood Sign Tour (NO PARKING) where we'll take photos in front of the Sign (10 minutes). Then we'll walk 1.3 miles (2km) on a paved road, up a steep hill, to the very top of the Sign (45 minutes) and take your picture with the sign in the background and all of Los Angeles at your feet (10 minutes). Then it's a casual walk back down to where we started (25 minutes) and the tour is over. Throughout the entire tour we'll entertain you with a spoken performance covering the history of the Sign, celebrities, Los Angeles, the surrounding nature, and various other interesting tales you won't find anywhere else. Think of this as a walking "show" set on a spectacular stage. We show you how to take once in a lifetime photos in the absolute best locations throughout Griffith Park including a stunning panorama from above with the sign in the background and Los Angeles below. Remember to check us out on Instagram or Facebook @hollywoodsigntour and @officialwalkingtours Have fun along the way while learning about the unique wildlife, sordid history, eccentric celebrities, and much more... better than a guide, let us be your new local friends in LA and help you discover the very best this city has to offer.
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:127 ₺/kişi
  • The Hollywood Sign Hike & COMEDY Tour
    My friends JB, Elko, and I are comedians and actors who have done some work on NBC, ABC, and even Jimmy Kimmel Live! We're just 3 dudes trying to make it in LA. We're gonna tell you approx 3000 jokes (some dad-related) about Los Angeles, ourselves, our experiences in LA, maybe a Justin Bieber story? Also, no one has better dad jokes than us. Not even my own dad. (Sup Dad)! At the start, I’m gonna give you the best tasting WATER in the history of water and my world-famous snack bars. All that and we haven even walked yet? INCREDIBLE. From there, we'll have y'all laughing so hard at our jokes and stories that you'll forget that we are hiking up a hill to the Hollywood Sign. Cause that's what best friends do...we laugh together. Did we just become best friends?? WHAT ABOUT THE PICTURES? We stop at the BEST PHOTO STOPS for your own Cover Shoot. I've designed this hike for Instagram and can GUARANTEE You'll get 10+likes/photo. You’ll receive PROFESSIONAL photos of the sign, the skyline, and scenic panoramas that may break the internet with likes. Other tours take 1-2 pictures. I'll give you 75+ (Best Friend Move). All this included in the price. We've been doing this for 5 years and love being the LA ambassadors to the world. Let us be your friend in LA and show you how LA is done by an actual local and not a "tour company."
    Baz fiyat Fiyat:161 ₺/kişi